You surely know this:

You are outside with friends, or you meet and suddenly the police come and want to control you. You haven't done anything wrong, but you are treated like criminals. Or you're in your shared apartment and suddenly the police ring your doorbell or break in without saying why. They ask funny questions, take you away, keep your cell phones, your money, hurt you. You are alone and do not know what to do.

We observe that the police are disrespecting you because they are racist.

Racism is when people are treated unfairly or badly just because of their skin color, origin or religion, for example.

It is forbidden: the police must treat everyone equally! Even if you made a mistake, the police must treat you with respect

In order to do something about it, we founded the " Secure Shelters! " initiative in Berlin. You can fill out the small questionnaire if something happened to you, your friends, or you just saw something. Your name or your contacts will not be published. Your reports can be published anonymously.

We are interested in your experiences and reports. Your questionnaires help us to make racism public among the police. Thank you!

At the moment the questionnaire is only filled in German. We strive to enable different languages in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding.